Ten Fallacies of Distributed Computing

May 20, 2016

The fallacies of distributed computing are well known. I didn’t come up with them, but I’ll summarize them here: ... Read more

Learning to Code

May 18, 2016

Not long ago an acquaintance of mine told me he was thinking of a career change and was wanting to “learn to code” and “become a coder.” He was asking me what is required to go into this profession. ... Read more

Creating CooperDB

Apr 2, 2016

Yesterday I introduced CooperDB, the first distributed, share-nothing database that is fully partition tolerant, highly available, and immediately consistent. I promised to follow up with a post on the creation of CooperDB - which is what you are reading now. ... Read more

Introducing CooperDB

Apr 1, 2016

A few weeks ago my friend @jtolds posted the following on Twitter: ... Read more

A Simple Standalone HTTP Server with Netty

Mar 30, 2016

When creating a software system, regardless of size, composability is a key feature. This applies to functions and classes, and in distributed systems it applies to microservices as well. A programming language encourages composability by making the units of composition easy to create. Thus, microservices should be easy to create also. And, in some languages, they are. ... Read more