Solar System Service Architecture

Mar 2, 2016

Some time ago I wrote about when to start microservicing and my friend Evan replied this way on Twitter: ... Read more

Is Software Development Right for You?

Mar 1, 2016

So, you’re thinking of becoming a software developer? That’s awesome - an awesome profession and awesome that you are considering whether it is right for you. I also think it is awesome that you would consider my advice (that is why you’re here, right?). ... Read more

Microservices - When to Start

Feb 10, 2016

Recently I read Sam Newman’s excellent book “Building Microservices”. I highly recommend it for anyone working in or considering microservice architectures - in other words, anyone who works on back-end software systems (if you aren’t doing microservices now, you should at least be aware of the approach and considering them). ... Read more

A Better NCAA Football Playoff

Dec 5, 2014

Well, the BCS is no more, replaced this year with a long-demanded playoff system. We haven’t even started the playoffs yet or even chosen the teams that will be in the playoff, but I already think we say this effort, while a good forward step, falls short of the mark. ... Read more

You Are Your Own Best Internet Filter

Nov 24, 2013

Recently I have seen a lot of interest in a petition on entitled “Require Porn to Be an Opt-Out Feature of Internet Service Providers Rather than a Standard Feature”. The title makes me chuckle; I doubt any ISP advertises the existence of porn on the Internet as one of their “features”. ... Read more