Learning to Code

May 18, 2016

Not long ago an acquaintance of mine told me he was thinking of a career change and was wanting to “learn to code” and “become a coder.” He was asking me what is required to go into this profession. ... Read more

Creating CooperDB

Apr 2, 2016

Yesterday I introduced CooperDB, the first distributed, share-nothing database that is fully partition tolerant, highly available, and immediately consistent. I promised to follow up with a post on the creation of CooperDB - which is what you are reading now. ... Read more

Introducing CooperDB

Apr 1, 2016

A few weeks ago my friend @jtolds posted the following on Twitter: ... Read more

A Simple Standalone HTTP Server with Netty

Mar 30, 2016

When creating a software system, regardless of size, composability is a key feature. This applies to functions and classes, and in distributed systems it applies to microservices as well. A programming language encourages composability by making the units of composition easy to create. Thus, microservices should be easy to create also. And, in some languages, they are. ... Read more

Solar System Service Architecture

Mar 2, 2016

Some time ago I wrote about when to start microservicing and my friend Evan replied this way on Twitter: ... Read more