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I blog here about whatever interests me, which is usually software engineering and large-scale software architecture, with some other things like family, college football, racing, cars, music, politics, religion, and a fair bit of self-discovery thrown in.

On Being Busy

Oct 7, 2019

“Sorry I can’t - I’m too busy…” ... Read more

Open Development and the ASF

Jun 14, 2019

At Adobe we are working on adopting something we call Open Development. The idea is similar to the concept of “Inner Source” as first coined by Tim O’Reilly, a moniker for describing software projects that are internal (i.e. not open source) but within company walls and networks these projects behave like open source projects. ... Read more

Curating Communities in Open Development

Jun 14, 2019

Some of the key characteristics of an open development project have to do with things that are kind of like checkbox items, like having a code repository that everyone in the company can see, or having a project web page. Others are more nuanced and have to do with how the project behaves. But just like the checkbox items, if you don’t do them your project isn’t really open, no matter what else you might be doing that makes it appear open. ... Read more

Treat Event Streams as Logs

Mar 16, 2018

There’s this thing called the 12-factor app that’s the buzz at work these days. And in general I think the principles are pretty good. But I take issue with principle number 11. ... Read more

2017 NCAA Bowl Game Picks

Dec 11, 2017

A few years ago I used to do these bowl game picks, and two years in a row I ended up picking the bowl game winners with over 70% accuracy. I liked the idea that this level of accuracy was based on expertise, and not luck which is much more likely. Not wanting to jinx it I haven’t done it since. (In fact, somehow those blog posts didn’t even make the cut for the pages that got migrated to the new blog.) ... Read more