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I blog here about whatever interests me, which is usually software engineering and large-scale software architecture, with some other things like family, college football, racing, cars, music, politics, religion, and a fair bit of self-discovery thrown in.

Yes, Florida State, It's Unfair - Deal With It

Nov 5, 2023

So another great regular season of college football has come and gone, and with that comes the annual event where some team complains very loudly that they’ve been treated unfairly by the CFP. This year, Florida State is not the only one with a case but they are certainly the most vocal about it. ... Read more

Introducing the Vybe Sapphire

Sep 22, 2022

I’d been wanting to build my own electric guitar (well, several of them, actually), so for Christmas my wife gave me a JEM-clone guitar kit from BYOGuitar. ... Read more

Thirty Other Great Rock Bands

May 31, 2022

March was Hair Metal March. April was Classic Rock April. For May I featured 30 other great rock bands - awesome bands that didn’t fit well into the other two categories. ... Read more

Thirty Great Classic Rock Bands

Apr 30, 2022

Last month was Hair Metal March. This month was Classic Rock April. These are the people who brought us great music and paved the way for all the good music that has come since. These are the people who are certainly a bit miffed at what’s happened with modern music. These are the people to whom we owe the responsibility of bringing the good stuff back. ... Read more

Thirty Great Hair Metal Bands

Mar 31, 2022

This month on Facebook I declared March “Hair Metal Month” and throughout the month we celebrated hair metal by spotlighting 30 different hair metal bands. ... Read more